High-speed, press-fit termination simplifies direct connection to PCBs

01-09-2017 | Samtec | Subs & Systems

Samtec has released the DCH High-Speed Press-Fit Twinax Cable Assembly. This new solution expands the company’s Direct Connect Cable Systems targeted for cost-effective, high-performance flyover or co-planar, right angle and parallel board-to-board applications.

The series features a high-retention, press-fit termination offering a direct connection to the PCB. The connectorless design eliminates the need for traditional board-level connectors and transition cards leading to simplified BOMS and reduced system costs.

The series combines Samtec 30AWG ultra-low skew EyeSpeed twinax cable with stitched ground pins to offer improved signal integrity and optimized differential pair signal routing. Transmit and receive signals are easily isolated in either four-pair or eight-pair options. The DCH Flyover system has bandwidth well beyond 28 Gbps NRZ/ 56 Gbps PAM4, supporting IEEE CAUI-4, OIF VSR, PCIe Gen3 and Gen4 applications, among others.

The 2mm pitch assembly and ultra-low 3mm profile are ideally suited for tight quarters. The combination of varying cable lengths, and multiple END 2 options provide design flexibility for new and existing board designs.

“The new DCH series provides a unique termination for Samtec high-speed, flyover cable assemblies,” said Keith Guetig, director of Cable Product Development at Samtec. “Our growing flyover cable assembly portfolio simplifies PCB design and limits signal degradation in high data rate applications.”

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