Easy-to-install wireless dimmer for LED strips and constant-voltage LED modules

07-09-2017 | Casambi | Subs & Systems

Casambi has launched its easy-to-install and simple-to-use, four-channel PWM wireless dimmer for LED strips and constant-voltage LED modules. The CBU-PWM4 is easy to add to existing lighting system designs and is simpler, cheaper and faster to install than conventional wired dimmers, because it eliminates the need to run physical wires to switches. Once installed, it enables users to control their LED lights directly, using a smartphone, tablet or computer. This type of wireless control makes lighting systems significantly easier to use and more convenient. Importantly, because the device uses BLE, a technology built into virtually every modern portable device, it doesn’t require a dedicated gateway. This removes a cost and single point of failure inherent in any Wi-Fi- or ZigBee-based lighting control system. With four channels, the device can be configured in a variety of ways. This includes four-channel RGBW, three-channel RGB or two-channel). It can also be set up with four individual channels, individually or jointly dimmable. This configuration can be done by end users, using free iPhone, iPad or Android apps.

By Electropages Admin