Low price, easy to use rugged monitor and analysis tool

11-09-2017 | Abaco Systems | Test & Measurement

Abaco Systems has introduced the innovative BT3-USB-MON Bus Monitor that is designed to make the monitoring and analysis of MIL-STD-1553 signals significantly easier, more convenient and more affordable. It is designed to help users easily visualize and record 1553 bus traffic for development, testing, trouble-shooting and debugging. Uniquely at its price point, it includes built-in scope outputs, further simplifying the process.

The device is a monitor-only device that combines three tools into one easy to use product: 1553 visualization and recording software; 1553 monitoring hardware; and scope outputs for electrical analysis – providing a complete, integrated, ready-to-run solution that is simple to order and available on very short lead-times. Additionally, the BT3-USB-MON does not have any transmit or receive functionality, making it safe for secure bus monitoring.

“The BT3-USB-MON is truly a ‘must-have’ tool for engineers and developers working in the 1553 environment because, like the Swiss Army Knife, it contains virtually all the functionality they will ever need in an integrated, easy to use package,” said Mrinal Iyengar, vice president, Systems and Services at Abaco Systems. “It is also sets a new price point for this level of capability – a price point that will enable many customers to expense it rather than CAPEX it.”

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