Y1 Safety Certified SMD ceramic capacitors suitable for low-profile power supplies

08-08-2017 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Available now from Mouser is the Murata DK1 Series. They are general purpose, resin moulded, surface mount, type IEC 60384-14 Y1 class safety certified, ceramic capacitors for low-profile power supplies. The capacitor uses a structure of plate-shaped terminals on a disc-shaped ceramic dielectric placed within a plastic mould to reduce the terminal thickness.

Safety certified capacitors are deployed at the input side of a power supply line in order to suppress noise that builds up primarily in commercial AC power lines. The capacitors are ideal for all AC/DC switching power supplies where a low-profile is sought for compact AV equipment, LED illumination, or 1U rack-mounted equipment. The ceramic capacitors can be used as Class X or as a Class Y capacitor for Class 2 power supplies and as a capacitor for primary and secondary couplings, the DK1 capacitors contribute to the downsizing and lower profiles of power supply equipment.

Connected from line to chassis, these capacitors are a subclass of capacitor with the highest performance requirements as classified by insulation type in the international standard IEC 60384-14. This standard regulates the withstanding pressure and combustion resistance of capacitors connected to commercial power supplies from the standpoint of preventing fires and electric shock from electrical leakage. The capacitors also meet the requirements of certification standards UL (UL 60384-14), ENEC (EN 60384-14), CQC (IEC 60384-14), and KTC (KC 60384-14).

Measuring just 11.4mm x 6mm x 2.5mm (L x W x thickness) the capacitors feature a usable temperature range of -40C to +125C. Available capacitance values are in the range 10pF to 1500pF, with Y1 rated voltages of 250VAC RMS and 300VAC RMS.

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