Proprietary patent solves corrosion problems in highly polluted IPC environment

02-08-2017 | Apacer | Semiconductors

Apacer Technology continuously develops forward-looking products and technologies for customers in the industrial computer industry as it faces the challenges of a harsh operating environment. In view of the sulfuration of electronic components caused by the increasingly polluted environment, Apacer has developed what is claimed to be the world’s first range of anti-sulfuration memory modules for the sulfur-containing environment. Awarded patents in many countries, the new anti-sulfuration memory not only effectively solves corrosion problems caused by environmental pollution but also increases overall system lifespan and allows stable system operation over long hours in a harsh environment, ensuring product reliability and durability. These proprietary patented anti-sulfuration memory modules are particularly suitable for embedded industrial computing systems, meeting the requirements for stable operation over long hours in a harsh environment, providing stronger technology and multiple protection for industrial control systems, automobile electronics, medical equipment, national defense, networking equipment, outdoor cell towers and even mining control systems operating in highly contaminated environments.

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