Ultra-high precision defence and space grade resistors for mission-critical applications

14-07-2017 | Vishay Precision Group | Passives

The VPG Foil Resistors has introduced the Model 303337 ultra-high precision defence and space-grade resistor, offering high-performance current sensing within mission-critical applications. The device produces a highly precise voltage that is directly proportional to measured current levels, with significantly reduced component sensitivity to applied power changes, including PCR and thermal resistance values. The industry-exclusive design of the device incorporates their own proprietary Bulk Metal Z Foil resistive technology, along with a four-terminal Kelvin connection, for ultra-high precision current sensing and temperature stability to 3W. Additional attributes include a low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of ±5ppm/C (–55C to +125C, at +25C ref.), for reduced risk of measurement errors due to temperature changes; improved load-life stability of ±0.02% (typ.), at +70C for 2000 hours (rated power); a low PCR of 5ppm/W at rated power; a resistance tolerance to ±0.1%; a 100 to 200mohm resistance range; a short-time overload of 0.005% typical; an ESD limit of <25kV; solderable terminations; and a choice of either lead (Pb)-free or tin/lead alloy solder finish.

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