High current flat wire power inductor with higher saturation current

26-06-2017 | Wurth | Power

Würth Elektronik eiSos announced the WE-HCF in a 2815 package, a flat wire power inductor with very high current loading capacity and efficiency. The latest member of the series is loadable up to 36A and attains saturation currents up to 125A. With its large wire cross-section, the inductor offers a 13% lower resistance than comparable products on the market and attains an up to 82 percent higher saturation current. The device in the 2815 package fills the gap between the previously available 2013 and 2818 packages and represents a further improvement of the SMT-mountable inductors – with up to 50% higher nominal currents than the 2013 series. The flat wire coil has a resistance of just 1.31mohm and with its manganese-zinc-ferrite core, the magnetically shielded power choke shows very low core losses. The component specified up to 125C is suitable as a highly efficient DC-DC converter for individual and multiphase converters or for filtering audio applications. It is also especially suitable for high current step-up converters.

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