Waterproof micro miniature tactile switches fit tight PCBs in demanding applications

01-06-2017 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The new KMR Series of microminiature top-actuated tactile switches from C & K is now available at TTI Europe, a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components. The series includes IP40, IP67 and ultra-low current versions to suit a very wide variety of different markets and can be designed into many applications, including those exposed to harsh environmental conditions. In particular, the automotive, medical and industrial markets need compact, highly reliable products that in addition, often need to be waterproof or fluid resistant and fit tightly populated PCBs.

The company’s switches have a footprint of only 4.2mm x 2.8mm and are available in two heights, 1.9mm or 2.5mm, saving space and weight where board space is constrained. They feature a tactile feel of more than 30% and boast ultra-low current consumption. Four actuation forces are offered the series, ranging from 1.2N to 4N. Constructed with silver or gold plating, these robust microminiature switches have an extended operational life of up to 300,000 operations.

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