High-end analog RF and microwave signal generator has excellent phase noise performance

06-06-2017 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

The Rohde and Schwarz SMA100B with a frequency range up to 20GHz and claimed to be the most powerful analog signal generator on the market. It delivers signals with the lowest possible phase noise and the highest output power with extremely low harmonics. The device is designed for the RF semiconductor, wireless communications and aerospace and defense industries. The device provides purest signals with the lowest possible phase noise at all offset frequencies (1GHz, -152dBc/Hz, 20kHz offset). A 6GHz instrument generates up to 38 dBm RF output power, and a 20GHz instrument generates up to 32dBm in the microwave frequency range. Harmonics are extremely low across the entire frequency range; above 6 GHz they are even significantly lower than 70dBc at 18dBm output power. Nonharmonics are below 110dBc at an output signal of 1GHz. "The R&S SMA100B enables our customers to verify the true performance of their DUTs without the signal source affecting the results," says Andreas Pauly, vice president Signal Generators, Audio Analyzers and Power Meters at Rohde & Schwarz. "The R&S SMA100B offers unprecedented performance, giving our customers a technological lead in bringing products to the market."

By Craig Dyball