New coaxial cable assembly is ideal for high-density applications

01-06-2017 | Amphenol | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Amphenol RF introduces fixed length 50ohm HD-BNC cable assemblies as an ideal pre-configured solution for high-performance applications. These lightweight, compact cable assemblies deliver a space conscious option for designers and engineers, at a footprint of 51% smaller than traditional BNC connectors, and allows for four times the density.

The company’s cable assemblies feature the trusted push and turn interface of a traditional BNC in order to enhance electrical and mechanical performance. This engineer preferred design allows for tactile feedback and a positive lock for quick and guaranteed mating. The new cable assemblies use the same cable prep and termination specifications of legacy connectors making adopting HD-BNC a seamless transition.

Due to their compact size, the assemblies are ideal for high-density applications such as defence and industrial.

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