Angular position sensors target industrial markets

26-05-2017 | ZF Switches and Sensors | Test & Measurement

ZF Switches and Sensors offer designers a complete range of angular position sensors based on Hall Effect technology which responds to magnetic fields generated by a (rare-earth) magnet. The sensors provide a linear change in voltage output corresponding to the rotation of the actuator. The ANG series of sensors are non-contact angular position sensors which provide a linear change in the voltage output corresponding to an angular rotation of the input shaft. One or two independent (non or semi-redundant) outputs are available. The sensors offer rotation up to 360-deg, can replace potentiometers and have a 12-bit resolution. Custom programming is available for angle range, slope and PWM output. ANG sensors are waterproof to IP68, have a temperature range from -40C to +140C and have wire termination. The compact design has no mechanical interface ensuring there are no parts to wear out or jam. Typical applications include position sensing, throttle-by-wire, steering, gear selection, and outboard trim sensing on industrial vehicles, fork lift trucks and agricultural trailer hitching. Mark Mills, distribution sales manager for ZF Switches and Sensors, comments, "ZF has vast experience of supplying sensors to the automotive market and our range of industrial sensors provide cost effective, high reliability sensing solutions for the growing industrial sensing market.“

By Craig Dyball