Expanded terminal series suited for tool-free assembly in hard-to-access places

12-05-2017 | Wurth | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

With REDCUBE PRESS-FIT, Würth Elektronik offers high current contacts, which, thanks to their press-fit termination resulting in cold welding, boast two advantages: a mechanically extremely robust connection and minimal contact resistance. The series expands this product group with an innovative terminal module for detachable wire-to-board connections. It is also ideally suited for tool-free assembly in hard-to-access places. High current contacts press-fitted into the PCB offer extremely low contact resistance compared with solder connections: 100 to 200µOhm compared with 300 to 400µOhm. This has a positive influence on heat development. Another advantage of press-fit technology: It is also suitable for very thick circuit boards with high copper coverage. Terminals press-fitted using twelve tin-plated pins milled from solid brass can be loaded with up to 120 A. With these high current contacts, the cable with plug is locked spring-loaded in a glass-fiber reinforced plastic housing. The screwless connection is established and released again by pressing on the housing from above. A screwless solution may also be useful where screws dropped during assembly would have disastrous consequences. The multi-pluggable connection is also outstandingly well suited for chargers.

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