Tool to understand what happens in an embedded system, API calls and other user events with cycle accuracy

10-05-2017 | Segger | Subs & Systems

SEGGER has announced SystemView PRO, which allows recording and live analysis of interrupts, task switches, API calls and other events without limiting recording time or number of events. To facilitate analysis of large amounts of data, custom event filters have been added to the feature set of this latest version of the powerful system analysis tool. While one million events with the original free-of-charge SystemView enabled several minutes of data recording to be carried out, long-term tests require recordings that can last for hours or even days. This is where the system comes in, as there is effectively no limit on the data that can be acquired (with only the customer’s available storage capacity effecting this). The recorded data can be saved and archived, allowing documentation and verification of the system behaviour as well as analysis at a later time. “SystemView is a unique tool to understand what exactly happens in an embedded system, tracing interrupts, task switches, API calls and other user events with cycle accuracy, typically better than 10ns. No additional hardware is required. I believe that not using SystemView to verify a product’s behaviour is almost negligent, especially given that the standard version with 1 million event limit is free to use,” says Johannes Lask, product manager of SystemView and SystemView PRO.

By Electropages Admin