New online tool for searching and selecting flyback transformers

23-03-2017 | Wurth | Design Applications

Wurth Elektronik has announced the interaction of their Smart Transformer Selector (STS) with STMicroelectronics’ eDesignSuite. The STS is an online tool available to users for searching and selecting flyback transformers. “For the first time, there’s a design suite that can generate an entire BOM where all components can be purchased off the shelf, including the transformer. Wurth Elektronik is excited to be a part of that development,” said Dean Huumala, product marketing and development manager at Wurth Elektronik. STMicroelectronics’ eDesignSuite includes a smart simulator and design engine to create system solutions (power supply, LED lighting, etc.), and will link to the STS database to help the engineer select the best transformer for his design. Huumala also said, “In addition, the Smart Transformer Selector is now capable of finding solutions tailored for quasi-resonant, flyback controllers. This is a new development for the tool”. APEC 2017, in Tampa, Florida, Booth 811

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