New line of ruggedized axial-leaded aluminium electrolytic capacitor

22-03-2017 | Cornell Dubilier | Passives

Cornell Dubilier Electronics has introduced a new line of axial-lead aluminium electrolytic capacitors for applications which require very high-performance under all operating conditions. The AXLH is a uniquely-designed axial-lead electrolytic that has the performance characteristics required for mission-critical circuitry. Continuous ripple current is rated at up to 28A RMS. With a load life rating of 2,000 hours at full-rated voltage and 150C, and a shelf life of 10 years, the AXLH will stand the test of time. Targeted application fields include military, aerospace, off-road vehicles, infrastructure system electronics. Nine values are available, from 470µF to 4,700µF, with ratings from 25VDC to 63VDC. Maximum ESR ranges from 13kHz to 32m at 100kHz. Where other electrolytics may lose performance under very hot conditions, a hallmark of the device is its ability to handle high ripple current at elevated temperature. Like other CDE capacitors, the series is subject to the industry’s most rigorous dynamic testing. Procedures outlined in MIL-STD-202, method 204 are used to record the 20g vibration tests. The case diameter is a low-profile 20mm for all values. Depending on values, lengths vary from 26.5mm to 42.5mm. The axial-lead wires are a substantial 1mm. The devices are RoHS compliant and free of conflict materials.

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