Small size precision chip resistor ideal for broad range of precision applications

14-02-2017 | Stackpole | Passives

The RNCF Series from Stackpole is a precision thin film chip resistor series capable of achieving tolerances as tight as 0.01% and TCR as low as 2ppm per degree C. The company recently expanded the resistance value range for the 0402 chip size for all tolerances to offer values from 49.9ohms up to 20Kohms.

For applications that require a 0.1% tolerance and a TCR of ±10 ppm, the RNCF0402 offers resistance values to 100Kohms. This exceptional performance and wide value range make the RNCF an excellent choice for a broad range of precision applications such as instrumentation, metering and calibration, diagnostic and monitoring equipment, medical devices, and precision controls.

The device is available in tolerances from 0.01% up to 1% and TCRs from 5ppm to 50ppm.

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