Latest IP, development platforms and resources enable new video bridging capabilities

27-02-2017 | Lattice | Development Boards

Lattice Semiconductor has announced the expansion of its Lattice CrossLink programmable ASSP solutions to enable new video bridging capabilities with the release of three new CrossLink IP and two new demonstration platforms showcasing MIPI DSI to LVDS and CMOS to MIPI CSI-2. Reinforcing the company’s commitment to provide bridging solutions for consumer, industrial, and automotive applications, the company has optimized existing CrossLink IP to save logic resources and lower power consumption. The product was designed to address the challenges of today’s rapidly changing I/O landscape by offering designers a new way to develop high performance, low power and compact bridging solutions. By optimizing existing IP, leveraging new IP and development platforms, along with additional resources, Lattice can offer more solutions for a greater variety of bridging applications that captures the best of both worlds with the combined the flexibility and fast time to market of an FPGA and the power and functional optimization of an ASSP. “The new CrossLink IP and solutions will enable our customers to adopt cameras and displays with the latest mobile interface technology to reduce overall system cost, power and size, while accelerating the design cycle of their next-generation products,” said C.H. Chee, senior director of marketing, mobile and consumer division at Lattice Semiconductor. “As inventors of the first programmable bridging device, and the world’s fastest MIPI D-PHY bridging device, Lattice is committed to delivering a low cost bridging solution with the highest bandwidth, lowest power and smallest footprint.”

By Electropages Admin