Reed relay with very high isolation voltage suitable for high reliability applications

21-02-2017 | Farnell element14 | Power

Available now from Farnell element14, the DAR70510F-HR from Cynergy3 is a high insulation resistance, high voltage reed relay with PCB mount and coil with flying lead HV connection. It has a very high isolation voltage of up to 10KV and is achieved through the use of the high vacuum reed switches. The relay has been approved by UL with either rhodium or tungsten contacts, which make these relays suitable for high reliability applications, such as cardiac defibrillators, test equipment and high voltage power supplies. The rhodium contact relays have low contact resistance, while the tungsten contact relays can switch higher voltages. PCB or panel mount, via nylon studs, versions are available. Connection options, for the HV, include PCB, solder turret (wire wrap), flying lead and 0.25” spade terminals.

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