Micro and nano connectors suit rugged, high reliability applications

21-02-2017 | Astute Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Astute Electronics now stocks a wide range of micro and nano connectors from AirBorn. The company’s micro connectors based on a contact spacing of 1.27mm are MIL-83513 qualified and include M Series (nine to 100+ contacts), the rugged microQUAD series designed to handle LVDS serial bus signals like IEEE 1394, Ethernet, and serial rapid IO making it ideal for most high-reliability applications, and the microSI Series of rugged products designed for high-speed/signal-integrity applications (up to 10GB) and flexibility by supporting 1X, 4X, and 8X 100ohm and 85ohm differential serial buses. Their N Series Nano products – contact spacing 0.636mm - are approved to MIL-32139 standard. These connectors suit applications in the smallest and most demanding spaces. “Working quietly in the background, often under extreme and demanding conditions, Airborn’s connectors can be found in mission-critical systems where total reliability is required”, said Gary Evans, e-mech divisional manager at Astute Electronics.

By Electropages Admin