Segger – Automotive MCU delivers highly predictable performance enabling real-time applications

08-11-2016 | Segger | Design & Manufacture

Segger has announced a new embOS port for the Renesas Electronics’ automotive RH850 MCU Family. The industry-leading efficiency of the device complements the high-performance and very low power consumption characteristics that are inherent within the MCUs. The embOS port comes with board support packages for all popular MCUs plus their related evaluation boards. These packages run direct out of-the-box without the need for additional configuration or setup. Included in the support items is a project for the IAR EWRH850 workbench. The embOS for the device offering includes the manual, which can not only be used as a reference for the API but, in addition, comprehensively describes all the RTOS basics for engineers are not yet familiar with an embedded RTOS. Furthermore, it is fully MISRA-C:2012 compliant, thus proving the superior quality of the source code and facilitating its utilisation in demanding automotive environments. “With the introduction of embOS for our RH850 Family, SEGGER shows their expertise in creating highly-efficient software. It enables our customers to benefit from low memory footprints, thus leaving more room for the actual application. It also delivers highly predictable performance, which enables real-time applications”, says Hans-Michael Loch, senior manager for support in the automotive business group at Renesas Electronics Europe. ”Renesas RH850 is a very flexible and scalable automotive-optimised MCU solution. With similar attributes and equally high degrees of operational performance, it is clear that embOS and RH850 are very well matched together.” adds Til Stork, product manager embOS at SEGGER.

By Electropages Admin