New thermal fuse has a very high holding and open temperature

24-10-2016 | Foremost | Design & Manufacture

Foremost Electronics has announced the availability of Therm-O-Disc’s new G4 257C Microtemp thermal fuse which claimed to have the highest holding temperature and highest open temperature available in the market. The represent the global standard in thermal fuses. They offer an accurate, reliable solution to the need for upper limit temperature protection against overheating by interrupting an electrical circuit when operating temperatures exceed the rated temperature of the thermal fuse. The G4-series is rated for continuous operating currents up to 10 amps at 250VAC. The global agency recognition of the series enables use in a wide range of applications including major and portable appliances including high speed blenders as well as personal care products such as high power irons, steamers and hair straighteners. The hold temperature (Th) of the G4 257C has been increased to 220C to ensure applications with higher normal ambient temperature requirements will have added assurance of maintained operation for a minimum period of 168 hours without opening, as tested per IEC 60691. Other key features include fully safety agency approved to UL, VDE, CSA and CCC and evaluation in laboratory conditions to maintain continuity for 1,000 hours at continuous thermal fuse body temperature of 220C. Alan Cook, managing director of Foremost Electronics, comments, “MICROTEMP thermal fuses from Therm-O-Disc are available in a variety of standard and custom configurations, providing reliable one-shot over-temperature protection for a wide variety of applications. The new G4 series offers a safe and reliable safety cut-out for the growing number of high power and high speed products being introduced almost daily.”

By Craig Dyball