Design and sales support for a single-chip FEM serving battery or portable applications

01-08-2016 | RFMW | Power

RFMW has introduced design and sales support for a single-chip Front End Module (FEM) serving battery powered or portable applications such as wireless meter reading and smart energy. The Qorvo RFFM6900 covers the 900MHz ISM band (890MHz to 960MHz) with up to 1W of transmit power. Integrated into the FEM is a PA, SP3T antenna switch, transmit harmonic filter, transmit through path, LNA with bypass mode and matching components for 50 ohm I/O. Transmit gain is up to 20dB while receive gain is 15dB with typical noise figure of 1.7dB. The device comes in a 6mm x 6mm package.

By Electropages Admin