Ultralow noise precision op amp for applications sensitive to low frequency noise

19-08-2016 | Linear | Design & Manufacture

Linear Technology has introduced the LT6018, a precision op amp featuring 30nVP-P 0.1Hz to 10Hz noise and 50µV max input offset voltage. Designed especially for applications sensitive to low frequency noise, the device has a very low 1/f corner frequency of less than 1Hz. The low input offset voltage holds over temperature and input common mode range: TCVOS is 0.5µV/degC maximum and CMRR is 124dB minimum. Open loop gain is typically 142dB, enabling the device to achieve less than 1ppm nonlinearity.

The device has 15MHz gain-bandwidth product and employs slew enhancement circuitry to achieve up to 30V/µs slew rate. The part draws 7.2mA, which can be reduced during periods of non-use to 6.2µA using its shutdown pin.

It is specified for operation from 8V to 33V supplies, for industrial (-40C to 85C) and extended (-40C to 125C) temperature ranges. It is available in SO-8E with exposed centre pad for enhanced heat dissipation, and space-saving 4mm x 3mm DFN packages.

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