New M 750W LDMOS transistor for Doherty transmitters

18-07-2016 | RFMW | Semiconductors

The Ampleon BLF888E a UHF power LDMOS transistor designed for asymmetrical Doherty transmitters is now available from RFMW. The device operates from 470MHz to 790MHz serving broadcast applications such as DVB-T (8k OFDM). It provides 150W of average power in this application with up to 17dB of gain and 52% efficiency. High efficiency helps reduce the end product’s energy consumption profile. The BLF888E provides a typical 120MHz bandwidth per sub-band, almost 3X the industry norm for similar applications. Operating from a 50V supply, the BLF888E has integrated ESD protection aiding its high reliability. The device is offered on a flange with two mounting holes or an earless flange, the BLF888ES.

By Electropages Admin