Drop-in stepper drive now with microstepping and higher performance

28-07-2016 | Mclennan | Subs & Systems

Mclennan has launched a new pin-compatible version its popular MSE570 Eurocard series stepper motor drive that adds selectable microstepping resolution and features improved speed/torque capability. The completely redesigned drive offers improved smoothness, lower motor resonance and retains all of the useful control and monitoring features of the previous version, the MSE570EVO2.

At up to 4A per phase available the new drive boasts 15% more useful torque than its half-step predecessor making it a compelling proposition as a drop-in replacement for older machines where improved throughput or quieter and smoother performance is desirable. The new drive will also suit new OEM or end-user applications where its competitive price and the convenience of the Eurocard format is essential.

The new microstepping drive also features improved power input levels with provision for up to 48VDC regulated supply (up to 52VDC unregulated). Its bi-polar chopped constant current drive stage is compatible with permanent magnet or hybrid stepper motors with 4, 6 and 8 leads - typically with up to NEMA 34 frame-sized microstepping motors. DIP-switches are used to select a number of user-adjustable features of the MSE570M including full/half/microstep resolution (up to 51,200 steps/rev), current control (from 0.25A to 4A per phase), standstill current (0 to 100% in four stages), thermal protection settings, direction and drive disable.

Further flexibility is offered with switchable signal level input and output settings (5V or 12V logic) with the drive configurable for use with step and direction signals that include CMOS, TTL open collector, opto isolated or switch type inputs. Four surface mounted status LEDs indicate power, drive disabled, over-temperature and overload faults.

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