Delivering affordable robotics to Arduino makers and developers

27-06-2016 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

RS Components has extended its Arduino development kit portfolio with the availability of the new TinkerKit Braccio, which delivers highly affordable robotics capability for the worldwide community of Arduino makers and developers, including students, hobbyists, artists, programmers and professionals. The device is a fully operational robotic arm that is designed for desktop use and connects to an Arduino board for control functions. Designed for versatility, users can assemble it in a number of different ways to meet application requirements. The arm integrates six servomotors for positional control, enabling it to pick up and move objects. The product can also be used to support a wide variety of objects for different applications – for example, as an automated tracking camera mount or a solar-panel positioner to track the sun, or to mount a mobile phone or tablet to follow attendees on a videoconference. The arm offers a load capacity of up to 400g in the minimal configuration and a maximum weight of 150g at an operating distance of 32cm. Ideally suited to academic experimentation or for new technology projects, the Arduino TinkerKit range is the perfect platform to prototype Arduino-based designs without the need for breadboards or soldering irons. The kit delivers a simple and quick set-up including sensor and actuators that connect to the interface and the control board via the Arduino Sensor Shield. The device is compatible with a wide range of Arduino control boards including the UNO, UNO SMD, UNO WiFi, Due, Mega 2560, Ethernet, Leonardo, Leonardo ETH, M0, M0 Pro, Yún and Tian. In addition, by using the Arduino UNO WiFi, Leonardo Ethernet, Yún or Tian, the Braccio can be controlled via a PC or smartphone. According to Rob Maycroft, global product manager at RS Components: “This exciting new addition to the Arduino TinkerKit range allows students and makers to extend their skills and design ambitions to include robotics. It also brings a high level of flexibility and enables users to add new functionality as and when required for their designs.”


By Electropages Admin