Low noise wideband frequency synthesizer enables user to optimise performance

02-06-2016 | Farnell element14 | Semiconductors

Available from Farnell element14, this low noise wideband frequency synthesizer integrates a delta-sigma fractional N PLL, multiple core VCO, programmable output divider and two differential output buffers.

Highly programmable, this device enables the user to optimize performance. This Texas Instruments LMX2581 wideband frequency synthesizer includes VCO frequency range from 1880 to 3760 MHz, superior noise immunity and consistent performance.

In fractional mode, the denominator and modulator order are programmable and can be configured with dithering. The user can directly specify a VCO core or bypass the internal VCO altogether. Additional features include power down, Fastlock, auto mute and lock detection, with a simple 3 wire interface and read back feature also available.

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