Chassis-mounted 'gender change' USB sockets expand portfolio

27-06-2016 | Cliff Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Cliff Electronics has added two new connectors to its proven range of
XLR-format feedthrough data connectors. The new chassis-mounted
'gender-change' sockets are available in USB2 A-to-B and B-to-A versions and
allow designers to integrate USB2 networking and data feeds into
professional equipment for broadcast, lighting, audio and industrial

In line with the rest of the Cliff Feedthrough connector range these new
sockets are designed to fit into the industry standard 24mm diameter XLR
connector panel cut-out simplifying panel design and manufacture and
improving design aesthetics.

Both the USB A-to-B and USB B-to-A gender feedthrough sockets are finished
in nickel plate and a socket sealing cover is available to prevent the
ingress of dust.

John Hall, general manager, Cliff Electronics, said: “Our new gender
changing feedthrough connectors offer system designers added flexibility
when providing system connectivity, ensuring compatibility with all
combinations of connecting leads. Our cost effective and market leading
range of Feedthrough connectors continues to evolve and to be designed-in to
an ever growing range of applications. Our traditional audio broadcast
market continues to grow and we are now finding many more applications in
instrumentation and industrial markets where our ability to provide custom
solutions is welcomed.”

The feed-through connectors are packaged in the widely used 24mm diameter
XLR connector format and depending on model are available in black plastic
or with a rugged die cast aluminium fascia finished in nickel or black to
enhance the high quality, high performance and prestige image of this new
product range.

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