PCAP touch display range enhanced with customized protective glass

05-05-2016 | Distec | Subs & Systems

Distec has enhanced its projected capacitive (PCAP) touch display offering with proprietary proven VacuBond optical bonding.

"More and more manufacturers provide TFT displays with an integrated PCAP touchscreen as a standard, which is handy for a quick and easy integration," said Matthias Keller, head of component sales and marketing, Distec. "But if the application requires an additional custom front glass, the assembly with a conventional optical bonding process is very difficult or even impossible due to the missing frame. Here, our VacuBond optical bonding offers the right solution."

The technology's efficiency has been proven by successful certifications in various customer applications in the fields of automation, automotive, avionic, railway, land vehicles, defence and outdoor systems.

Individual design with high robustness - A front glass with an individual design, for example, with a logo print or colored frame turns the finished product into an eye-catcher. It also protects the touch screen from external influences such as weather or vandalism. VacuBond(r) allows for bonding a customized protective glass on the PCAP surface because of a dam as for the wet bonding process is superfluous. During the VacuBond(r) process, the high-quality Opto alpha-Gel combines the touch display securely with the protective glass - without any heat or other potentially harmful influences on the unit. In addition, optical bonding increases the resilience to mechanical stresses such as vibration and shock; the silicone gel works against vibrational resonances and dissipates the energy of impacts. Closing the air gap between touch display and protective glass reduces the light refraction. Thus, the readability of the display is significantly improved without increasing the brightness and therefore the power consumption. In addition, neither dust nor moisture can ingress, settle and thus impair the optical impression, says the company.

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