Anti-surge metal film resistor range offers working voltages up to 4kV

06-04-2016 | Stackpole | Passives

Stackpole's ASR Series of anti-surge metal film resistors target
high-voltage applications with working voltages from 1150V to 4000Vs and
overload voltage from 1500 to 5000V. In addition, the ASR can handle high
voltage capacitor discharges from 3kV for the smaller sizes up to 10kV for
the larger. The ASR also features outstanding single and repetitive square
pulse handling when compared to standard film resistors.

The ASR Series is seen as ideal lower-cost replacement for ceramic
composition and carbon composition resistors where the pulse voltage
capability of the resistor is critical or where the inherent inductance of
wirewound parts is undesirable. In addition, the series targets applications
such as high-voltage power supplies, medical systems, plasma cutters, test
systems, and circuit protection.

The ASR Series are available in resistance values from 10ohm to 12Mohm.
Power ratings range from ¼W to 2W and 5% tolerance is standard.

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