high linearity RF mixer can be used as an up-converter or down-converter

06-04-2016 | RFMW | Design & Manufacture

A high-linearity RF mixer the Peregrine Semiconductor PE4152 is now available from RFMW. Designed for land mobile radio (LMR) and cellular infrastructure up to 1GHz, the device offers two operating modes: LO enable and LO bypass. LO enable provides 25dBm IIP3 with 52dBm IIP2. LO bypass provides 24dBm IIP3 with 46dBm IIP2. Both modes provide low conversion loss of 6.5dB.

The PE4152 can be used as either an up-converter or down-converter. Current consumption is only 9.5mA. The device is housed in a 4mm x 4mm QFN package.


By Electropages Admin