Expanded line of high-voltage MLCCs for automotive applications

15-03-2016 | TDK | Passives

TDK has expanded its CGA line up of high-voltage MLCCs for automotive
applications. The new CGA6 and CGA9 series MLCCs, which have a rated voltage
of 1000V, feature types with capacitances ranging from 1nF to 33nF - the
world's widest range, says the company.

The MLCCs are available with both C0G and NP0 temperature characteristics.
They thus feature a temperature coefficient of 0 ±30 ppm/C max. and
temperature ranges of 55C to +125C and -55C to +150C, respectively. As a
result, their capacitance drift over temperature is negligible. Moreover,
the new capacitors exhibit nearly no drift over voltage and time, making
them suitable for applications where high capacitance stability of the
components is essential. The CGA6 and CGA9 MLCCs measure in with footprints
of 3.2mm x 2.5mm (EIA 1210) and 5.7mm x 5mm (EIA 2220), respectively.

In addition to their extremely constant capacitance under all conditions,
the devices' AC energy losses and heat generation are also extremely low.
They are suited for use in the wireless charging units, DC-DC converters and
on-board chargers in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and wherever
space savings and high performance are required.

Because the new products are qualified according to AEC-Q200 they are
suitable for use in the engine compartments of automobiles and other
automotive applications. Moreover, the MLCCs can be used in various other
types of circuits in industrial equipment where high reliability is
essential, for example in timer circuits, filter circuits, resonance and
oscillation circuits, and snubber circuits, says the company.

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