Compact new series of user-friendly variable speed drives for low-power motors

27-01-2016 | Weg Electronics | Subs & Systems

Latest from WEG is a cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use series of
compact variable speed drives (VSDs) to enhance energy efficiency across a
wide range of applications requiring low motor power. Designed to drive
motors with power from 180W to 4kW, the CFW300 series is ideal for
relatively small machinery such as centrifugal and metering pumps, fans and
ventilators, stirrers and mixers, extruders, roller conveyors, cutting
machines and rotary filters.

“WEG is committed to boosting energy efficiency across a broad range of
industrial applications and has launched the CFW300 to meet the needs of
those sections of the market where the demand for inverters is growing, even
when it comes to relatively small industrial applications,” said Johannes
Schwenger, head of product management, low- and medium-voltage drive systems
Europe, WEG. “With the addition of the CFW300 series to our existing range
of drives, which include the CFW100 Mini Drives and the CFW500 VSD series,
WEG now boasts a comprehensive VSD offering for industrial requirements.”

Easy to use and maintain, the CFW300 features an integrated micro PLC and a
user-friendly control panel with LCD display. Installation is also easy and
quick due to plug-and-play extension modules and the drive unit’s fan can be
easily removed for maintenance.

The CFW300 has two slots for extension modules - one for communication and
the other for a wide variety of I/O modules. This enables users to
integrate RS485 or RS232 interfaces and use Modbus RTU, Bluetooth or USB
communication protocols. The VSD can also be connected to fieldbus systems
such as Profibus DP, CANopen or DeviceNet, or configured for operation under
remote control. An Ethernet IP interface is also available. As such, it
provides increased flexibility and high levels of connectivity to best fit
users’ needs. Other accessories include a plug-in EMC filter, which can be
connected to the VSD quickly without tools or wiring and mounted on the
top-hat rail.

Designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to 50°C without derating, the
CFW300 is equipped with independently acting, integrated thermal protection
functions for the motor (electronic motor circuit breaker) and the drive. In
addition, the drive has varnished circuit boards (IEC 60721-3-3, category
3C2), for enhanced corrosion resistance, which contributes to longer service
life, while an optional flash memory card enables optimal storage and
convenient loading of parameter data sets.

The CFW300 will initially be available in frame size A for rated power from
180 W to 1.5 kW and frame size B for rated power from 2.2 to 4kW. It will
provide supply voltage flexibility with versions for single-phase and
three-phase power. The single-phase version can also be powered directly
from a DC supply connected to the DC link, in order to drive three-phase
induction motors from a DC power source.

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