Wire-mounted photo micro sensors simplify installation

13-01-2016 | Omron | Test & Measurement

Omron has launched a new range of wire-mounted photo micro sensors,
specifically designed for the many applications where the detector needs to
be installed in the appliance away from the main circuit board. The new
styles greatly increase the flexibility of installation and reduce assembly

Aimed at office equipment, home appliances, vending machines, arcade games
and medical applications, the new photo micro sensors are pre-soldered to a
connecting cable. They can be directly wired to a remote PCB and bolted onto
the equipment housing. This reduces cost by eliminating the need to create a
specific separate PCB assembly for the sensor, and increases reliability.

Twelve new wire-mounted devices are available. The general-purpose
EE-SX1088 series features a 0.5mm vertical aperture for the detection of
objects moving horizontally into the sensor. A horizontal aperture version
(EE-SX1096 series) is also available to detect objects moving vertically
through the sensor, as well as an extra wide style with a 9.5mm slot
(EE-SX1160 series). The EE-SX1161 series is a dust proof version with a
sensing distance of 3.2mm.

All styles are available in Dark-On and Dark-Off formats. Dark-On photo
micro sensors switch on when no object is present in the aperture, while
Dark-Off devices are activated when object is present. All products are
available with two different output configurations: phototransistor and

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