Digital output temperature sensor supports a total of 32 daisy-chained devices

07-12-2015 | Texas Instruments | Test & Measurement

The Texas Instruments TMP107 digital output temperature sensor supports a total of 32 daisy-chained devices. Each sensor has a 'unique' 5-bit address stored in electrically-erasable programmable memory (EEPROM).

The TMP107 is capable of reading temperatures with a resolution of 0.015625C, and is accurate to within ±0.4C in the range from –20C to +70C. The TMP107 is ideal for replacing NTC and PTC thermistors where high accuracy is required.

The 5-bit address stored in the EEPROM is determined during the automated address assignment operation, and is based on the position of each sensor relative to the SMAART wire host. Multiple operating modes provide maximum flexibility in selecting between low power consumption for battery operation, and high update rates for real-time control applications.

The TMP107 is ideal for extended temperature measurement in a variety of industrial, instrumentation, communication, and environmental applications. The TMP107 is available in an 8-pin SOIC package and is specified for operation over a temperature range of -55C to +125C, says the company.

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