Digital power supply design software forC2000 real-time MCUs

26-11-2015 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Available from Texas Instruments (TI), powerSUITE is a suite of digital
power supply design software tools for the company's C2000 real-time
microcontroller (MCU) family. It is included as part of the C2000 MCU
family's controlSUITE software package and consists of three tools designed
to ease the development of digital power supply systems - Solution Adapter -
Software Frequency Response Analyzer - and Compensation Designer.

The Solution Adapter modifies existing code examples from TI digital power
kits and configures them to run on a custom digital power board design.
This tool steps through the process of selecting the solution to adapt,
selecting the relevant options for that solution, and customizing those
options to adapt the solution to a custom design.

The Software Frequency Response Analyzer (SFRA) enables the measurement of
the open loop gain of a closed loop digitally controller power converter
using software. This makes measurement of the bandwidth, the gain margin,
and the phase margin of your power supply design quick and easy.

The Compensation Designer allows the design of different styles of
compensators to achieve the desired closed loop performance. This can be
done using the measured plant data from the SFRA Tool or the modelled power
stage as part of the Solution Adapter Tool. The coefficients that need to be
programmed on the device are generated by the Solution Adapter and can be
copied into the code directly.

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