Cost-efficient high power density miniature brushed DC motors

13-11-2015 | Mclennan | Subs & Systems

Portescap's new Athlonix 22DCP high-power mini-motors with Alnico magnets are now available from Mclennan. The 22mm brushed DC motor series, available with a choice of graphite or precious metal commutation, offers a compelling specification and cost-effective price/performance for high torque and high reliability miniature power transmission applications - from medical and industrial pumps to clinical and commercial hand-operated power tools, home and laboratory automation, and more.

The 22DCP's coreless design with its optimised self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit is available in eleven winding options from 3 through 48VDC and delivers a maximum continuous torque up to 6.5mNm - with a higher measured stall torque than similar 22 mm diameter motors. The precision manufactured motor provides smooth and quiet performance with speeds up to 10,000 rpm, with highly precise and repeatable torque/speed characteristics for maximum control.

With a nominal motor length of 32mm, the 22DCP is available with single or dual shafts and for even more application and cost flexibility, users can select single or dual bearings. The constant force spring design for the carbon brush commutation version extends its working life whilst Portescap's well proven 'REE' feature, that reduces winding electro erosion, prolongs the lifespan for both commutation versions.

The new motor is of course available for use with Portescap's wide range of miniature planetary and spur gearheads in addition to encoders such as the new M Sense B where accurate positioning and closed loop motion feedback is called for. User-customised versions with special mechanical or electrical features are available, says the company.

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