Right-angle tricolour surface-mount chip LEDs suit backlighting and indicators

17-09-2015 | Components Bureau | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Kingbright's KPFA-3011 series of tricolour (RGB) chip-type LEDs is now available in the UK from specialist distributor Components Bureau. Featuring a wide viewing angle (up to 155 degrees), the compact size, narrow footprint and low profile (1mm) make the right-angle LED ideal for backlighting and indicator panel applications. Each of the three colours on the KPFA-3011 series LED can be controlled independently via the 6-pin inputs “The KPFA-3011 series of tricolour LEDs replaces the three single colour LEDs previously required,” says Andrew Ferrier, general manager, Components Bureau. “Being able to achieve a spectrum of colour variations from a single compact chip not only reduces component count and assembly time but increases system reliability. The low power consumption yet high intensity, wide angle illumination of the tri-colour KPFA-3011 series will open up a number of new design possibilities.”

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