industrial-grade high-temperature encoders suit many demanding applications

05-08-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Mouser is now shipping Avago Technologies' industrial-grade high-temperature (-40C to 115C), AEDT-981x three-channel optical incremental encoder modules. They offer a built-in interpolator circuit and enable high resolution in a compact module for motion-control applications. The devices enable a wide resolution range from 2,000 to 5,000 counts per revolution (CPR) using a codewheel of 11mm optical radius. With the opto-ASIC's built-in automatic LED brightness regulation technique, the encoder current consumption can be significantly lowered (20mA, typical) while maintaining optimal encoder performance across spatial corners. This LED brightness control feature also enables optimal LED current control to prolong LED life. The rugged and accurate encoders are suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial motion control applications, including motor control, robotics, and factory automation.

By Electropages Admin