High-efficiency constant-current LED driver targets automotive lighting applications

04-08-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Aimed at applications such as automotive day time running lights and LED
headlamps, the high-efficiency STMicroelectronics L99LD01 constant-current
LED driver is now stocked by Mouser.

Manufactured with BCD5S 70V technology and assembled in a LQFP32 package,
the L99LD01 is designed to be used in boost, buck-boost and fly-back
converter topologies. An internal random dither oscillator works in low
frequency modulation, allowing the RF spectrum of the switching frequency to
spread so to reduce EMC emissions. The slope compensation ensures good
converter loop stability whatever is the duty cycle needed by the
application. The converter is able to work either in full power mode or in
low frequency dimming mode.

The device includes an internal low drop voltage regulator, that can be used
to supply a microcontroller, and a reset pin, that is useful for resetting
the microcontroller at the start up and every time that the regulated output
voltage falls down below an established voltage threshold.

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