Integrated stepper motor offering expands to Ethernet/IP networking

04-08-2015 | Mclennan | Subs & Systems

Applied Motion Products (AMP) has expanded its range of stepSERVO integrated motors to include an Ethernet/IP networking series and an IP65 rated series for wet and dusty environments. Available in the UK from Mclennan, the new models complement the previously launched TSM series stepSERVO integrated packages that combine a micro-stepping motor + digital drive + 5000 line encoder + advanced motion controller. Bringing together stepper motor simplicity with servo system performance, this cost-effective motion solution offers closed-loop servo feedback and the ability to create peak motor torques up to 50% higher than the normal torque range of the same stepper motor running open loop. The new products expand the application capability of the range with the SSM series offering three sizes of NEMA23 frame motors with an Ethernet (RJ-45) port for programming and for EtherNet/IP industrial networking, whilst the new TXM series takes the main features of the range and adds IP65 rated environmental protection measures in NEMA24 frame stepper motor packages. The stepSERVO range now features energy efficient, cool running and high torque NEMA 17, 23 and 24 frame stepper motor packages with full high-accuracy position and velocity closed loop control from pulse or 0 - 10V analogue signals; or alternatively Ethernet/IP, Modbus/RTU or CANopen multi-axis networking; or pre-programmed stand-alone operation using AMP’s ‘Q’ motion programming software. The torque range covers 0.28 Nm to 2.4 Nm, whilst motor speeds up to 3600 rpm and encoder resolutions of 20,000 counts/rev - suiting a wide range of motion control applications including packaging automation, automated test, parts handling, pick and place, positioning stages, life sciences and more, says the company.

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