Versatile relay offers wide application potential from solar inverters to white goods

02-07-2015 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Designed to meet the combined requirements of different markets (solar
inverters, charging stations, elevator systems, motor control, white goods,
etc.) in one switching solution - Panasonic's HES relay is now available
from TTI Europe.

Two switching contacts for power levels up to 35 A / 277V AC are integrated
into the compact device. Additionally, a feedback (auxiliary) contact can be
implemented to indicate welding of the main contacts. The holding power of
just 170mW provides corresponding energy savings especially for monostable

Furthermore, the 'guaranteed' contact gap of at least 3mm is requested as a
reliable isolation distance in many applications. The large contact gap of
at least 3mm combined with rapid opening of the contacts makes it possible
to reliably handle high DC loads up to 220V/10A.

A further feature is the parallel arrangement of coil and load terminals,
which simplifies the process of connecting current paths on the circuit
board. This way, high isolation-distance requirements can be met without
extra effort. The HES relay can thus be cost-effectively used to control
many applications, says the company.

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