Miniature high-precision low-power CMOS analog temperature sensor

31-07-2015 | Texas Instruments | Test & Measurement

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New from Texas Instruments, the LMT70 is an ultra-small, high-precision,
low-power CMOS analog temperature sensor with an output enable pin. The
device is suitable for virtually any type of temperature sensing where
cost-effective, high precision and low-power are required, such as Internet
of Things (IoT) sensor nodes, medical thermometers, high-precision
instrumentation and battery powered devices. The LMT70 is also a great
replacement for RTD and precision NTC/PTC thermistors.

The device's output enable pin allows multiple LMT70s to share one ADC
channel, thus simplifying ADC calibration and reducing the overall system
cost for precision temperature sensing. The LMT70 also has a linear and low
impedance output allowing seamless interface to an off-the-shelf MCU/ADC.
Dissipating less than 36µW, the LMT70 has ultra-low self-heating supporting
its high-precision over a wide temperature range.

The LMT70A provides unparalleled temperature matching performance of 0.1C
(max) for two adjacent LMT70A's picked from the same tape and reel.
Therefore, the LMT70A is an ideal solution for energy metering applications
requiring heat transfer calculations, says the company.

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