Three-axis low-power digital output gyroscope

23-07-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser now stocks the STMicroelectronics I3G4250D three-axis digital output gyroscope, a low-power angular rate sensor able to provide unprecedented stability at zero-rate level and sensitivity over temperature and time. The I3G4250D includes a sensing element and an IC interface capable of providing the measured angular rate to the application through a standard SPI digital interface. An I2C compatible interface is also available. The sensing element is manufactured using a dedicated micromachining process developed by STMicroelectronics to produce inertial sensors and actuators on silicon wafers. The IC interface is manufactured using a CMOS process that allows a high level of integration to design a dedicated circuit which is trimmed to better match the characteristics of the sensing element. The I3G4250D has a selectable full scale (±245/±500/±2000dps) and is capable of measuring rates with a user-selectable bandwidth. The I3G4250D is available in a plastic land grid array (LGA) package and can operate within a temperature range of -40C to +85C. Applications include industrial, navigation, telematics, motion control with MMI (man-machine interface), appliances and robotics.

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