Advanced 400W AC/DC converters operate from a rectified universal AC input

21-07-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Vicor's VIA PFM Isolated AC/DC Converters are now available from Mouser stock. The highly-advanced 400W AC-DC converters operating from a rectified universal AC input which delivers an isolated and regulated Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) 24V or 48V secondary output. The converters incorporate AC/DC conversion, integrating filtering and transient surge protection in a chassis-mount or PCB-mount form factor. Vicor VIA PFM format enables a versatile two-sided thermal strategy to simplify thermal design challenges, says the company. Applications include small-cell base stations, telecom switching equipment, LED lighting, test and measurement equipment, 200W to 400W industrial power systems and office equipment.

By Electropages Admin