Highly-efficient low-power DC-DC converter solutions suit today's design needs

26-06-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Today's smart and intelligent solutions need to be created with the maximum possible power savings. Whether the energy source is energy harvesting, battery-/capacitor-powered, or from power grid, power conversion must become as efficient as possible to conserve available energy within the circuit. Mouser has responded to these needs by stocking the Texas Instruments' (TI) highly-efficient low-power DC-DC converter solutions. For example - the TPS61291 is a boost converter with pin selectable output voltages and an integrated bypass mode. In bypass operation, the device provides a direct path from the input to the system and allows a low power micro controller (MCU) such as the MSP430 to operate directly from a single 3V Li-MnO2 battery or dual alkaline battery cells. In bypass mode the integrated feedback divider network for boost mode operation is disconnected from the output and the quiescent current consumption drops down to only 15nA (typical). In boost mode the device provides a minimum output current of 200mA at 3.3V VOUT from 1.8V VIN.

By Electropages Admin