Engineering kits highlight tantalum and ceramic capacitor technologies

18-06-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Highlighting the company's tantalum and ceramic capacitor technologies, a
variety of Kemet engineering kits are now available from Mouser stock.

The kits are designed and assembled in order to provide active solutions to
the passive component requirements characterized in professional OEM
engineering design, prototyping, university lab research, and by hobbyist
users. Each Kemet kit contains a selection of popular capacitor values and a
product catalogue which contains outlined drawings, dimensions, marking
format, recommended mounting pad dimensions, and ordering information.

Each kit contains 10 to 20 capacitor values. For the ceramic kits, there are
20 to 100 pieces of each value. For the tantalum kits, there are 20 pieces
of each value.

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