Bi-directional DC-DC converter targets energy storage systems with rechargeable batteries

23-06-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Designed to allow the user to develop energy storage systems with rechargeable batteries, TDK-Lambda's EZA2500 2500W bi-directional DC-DC converter is now available from Mouser stock. The EZA2500 can change conversion direction at high speed and achieves high efficiency of 92% in both directions. The EZA2500 compact (1U rack-mount) DC-DC converter features an isolated topology that provides advantages in safety and noise management. The series is ideal for use in energy storage systems, allowing charge and discharge control of Li-ion batteries, lead acid batteries, and other types of batteries connected to the DC bus. EZA2500 can also be used in energy recycling systems.

By Electropages Admin