New linear 3V Hall-effect sensor IC provides a 12-bit digital I2C output

11-06-2015 | Allegro | Test & Measurement

Latest from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a linear 3V Hall-effect sensor IC that provides a 12-bit digital I2C output that is proportional to the strength of the magnetic field that is present. The A1454 is aimed at the consumer, industrial and instrumentation markets with end applications to include non-life-critical medical and consumer devices that require linear position sensing. The quiescent output value of the A1454 is set at mid-scale, and the device is available in two different factory-programmed sensitivity ranges: 2 LSB/G and 4 LSB/G. The sensitivity temperature coefficient is also factory programmed to support either neodymium or ferrite magnets. The A1454 I²C interface allows easy integration into a wide variety of applications. The I²C address can be set by external resistors or programmed via EEPROM to support up to 127 unique I²C addresses, allowing for multiple ICs on the same bus. It also includes 16 bytes of user programmable EEPROM. The I²C interface also provides a user-controlled sleep input command that puts the device into micro-power mode, reducing the current consumption of the A1454. This low power feature makes the A1454 perfect for portable, battery-operated applications. The BiCMOS monolithic process allows the integration of both high-precision analogue and high-density digital circuitry. The A1454 integrates the Hall element, a 12-bit analogue-digital converter, gain and offset compensation circuitry, EEPROM memory, and the I²C interface on a single monolithic IC. It is packaged in a space-saving (1mm thickness) TSOP-8 surface mount package.

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