High-performance blower designed for tough assignments

01-06-2015 | Aerco | Subs & Systems

Now available from Aerco as part of its policy of increasing its portfolio of large, high-power fans and blowers, is a high-performance DC blower manufactured by Delta. The blower targets defence and similar demanding applications. The Delta BFB1224 GH range of 24VDC blowers is built in a 125mm x 126mm x 25mm frame size with speed capability up to 4,400rev/min and a maximum airflow in free air of 28.4 litre/sec (60.39CFM). With a frame and impeller of plastic PBT;UL94V and a high-precision dual ball bearing system it is suitable for many tough applications and is already used by the Australian military where it is attached to the side of an HVAC assembly to provide filtered fresh air supply, says the company.


By Craig Dyball